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Dutch Eyes is a dynamic International Mediation Company specialized in buying and renting properties, expat services inside and outside the Netherlands.
We are your eyes with a professional gaze inside and outside the country.
Are you an expat? Are you already here in Amsterdam or you are planning to come? Contact us to help you in settling down in the country: we take care of you finding a high-quality accommodation and we provide many services you will need to build a new life in this beautiful country.
Whether you’re interested in buying an apartment or house let our team with the knowledgeable of the market provide you the best strategy and deliver the best deal to buy a property.

What are you waiting for?


Are you looking to rent a House or Apartment in Amsterdam?
Our portfolio contains a wide range of houses and apartments that are available within a broad price range either for short stay or long stay.

Our team is focused to help either Expat coming from outside or who is already settle down in the country but has the need to move.
If you are a company we have also available workplace: industrial unit, offices, worker places either offices or industrial unit either in Amsterdam or outside the city.
Please Contact Us with clear description about yourself:

  • Your budget
  • Area
  • Check in Date
  • How many people
  • Pets
  • A little bit about you

What we guarantee? To find for you the right accommodation in one week.



Whether you’re private or a company buying a property can be a difficult, time consuming and emotional process: let us guide you each step of the way to help you find the right property in the Netherlands.
Let us know what are you looking for and we will look for you.
If you have seen a beautiful house or a beautiful apartment we plan a viewing for you giving you an expert advice about the property.

What we guarantee? To be your eyes inside Holland with a professional gaze of the market and of the country and the most important to follow your wishes.
We operate inside the cities and also outside the cities in natural and relaxing areas, following your desire.



Renting out a house is very lucrative but has its points of interest. Dutch Eyes is specialized in the rental market of the Amsterdam region and beyond. We are happy to help you with tips and advice. There is a lot of demand for temporary rental from expats from international companies and the university.

For permanent rental, Amsterdam for instance, has an interesting transfer market of recent graduates who are taking their first steps in the housing market.

In addition, Amsterdam has a large social housing construction, but the city and the region still offer plenty of room for rental in the free sector.

Contact us for a consultation. Together we will discuss your options.



Being an expat in a totally new country is as exciting as it is frightening. A life in a new place can bring all kinds of new things for a person in a new world.
If you are just arrive or you are thinking to move in Amsterdam we are here to help you and advice you.

Dutch Eyes is here to assist you to settle down in the Netherlands with:

  • Support for the accommodation
  • Support with applying for a BSN
  • Setting up your bank account
  • Organizing moving process
  • Taxes rules and management
  • Furniture rental
  • (Private) Dutch lessons
  • Exchanging drivers license
  • Applying for 30% income tax ruling
  • Translation of documents
  • Applying for child benefits

Let us know what we can do for you and let us guide you with your new life in Holland.


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